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Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies have changed over the last decade. It has shifted from print media to social media just within a few years. Now almost every human being on earth spends most of
his/her time on social media,

Many businesses have maximized their profits through the correct way of marketing. Businesses need to target the right audience on the right platform. But where to start and how to
target the right audience? It may seem easier, however just like in any other field, social media too have its experts who can increase your sales and revenue.

At HA Leads & Technology, we have a team of dedicated and focused digital marketing experts. Their expertise includes SEO, Web development, Social Media Marketing Content Marketing,
Video Editing, Graphic Designing, and PPC (Pay per click).


SEO is the short form of search engine optimization. We have a team of SEO experts who have tons of experience ranking apps and websites, either locally or globally. They can build several
backlinks and bring organic traffic to your website as soon as you want.

Content marketing

Our content marketing experts are responsible for creating the reader’s friendly and optimized content for either your landing page, blogs, guest posts, or emails. The content is optimized
according to the client’s needs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for reaching out to new or old clients. Whether you want to introduce your new product or service or give alerts to old inactive clients, email marketing always
comes in handy. We have command over special tools and providers, through which we can make this roller coaster ride extremely easy for you.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

When advertising your brand on any website or app, paying special attention to PPC is important. Our experts can reduce your PPC cost, which will not only help to decrease your overall cost but also generate more leads

Graphic Design

You can add the most optimized content to your website but it will be useless without a great design or images. Your website design will determine the amount of time a person stays on your website. Well, optimized images will increase engagement and relatively improves your rank

Social Media Ads

It is important to know your target audience but what matters the most is to determine where you will be getting most of your traffic from. If you have successfully determined this, then you can easily run ads on those platforms and attract most of your traffic.

Running ads is a whole new area of expertise. Our digital marketing experts have experience running all kinds of ads successfully. Be it for a small business, or a multi-national industry, they know it all. The ads we make produce results instantly.

Social Media Marketing

It is important to be active in your business’s social media accounts. Engaging with your audience on daily basis develops a sense of trust For your business. There are several ways of engaging in different social media platforms,

What you need is an expert who knows it all and can handle them all at the same time. HA Leads & Technology is an expert social media marketing agency perfect for your business/

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